Hosting a Hibachi Party in Your Own Backyard

Hosting a Hibachi party in your own backyard can be a fantastic and memorable experience. All new customers receive 20% off your first reservation. Fire up Your Party, we come to you!

Hibachi Let's Go
Hibachi Let’s Go

Here are some steps to help you plan and organize your Hibachi party:

  1. Set a date and send out invitations: Choose a suitable date and time for your Hibachi party and send out invitations to your friends, family, or guests. Book a time on
  2. Prepare the outdoor space: Make sure your backyard is ready for the party. Clean up the area, arrange seating options, and consider setting up a designated cooking and dining area for the Hibachi chef.
  3. Hiring a chef will ensure an authentic Hibachi experience, but if you like to learn how, the chef will make sure at least you have fun.
  4. Plan the menu: Coordinate with the Hibachi chef to plan the menu. Traditional Hibachi dishes include grilled meats (such as steak, chicken, shrimp) and vegetables. Consider dietary restrictions and preferences of your guests.
  5. Gather necessary equipment: Ensure you have the necessary equipment for the Hibachi cooking, such as a portable grill or teppanyaki grill, cooking utensils, and fuel or charcoal.
  6. If you are fancy, decorate the space: Add some ambiance to your backyard with decorations that create a Japanese-inspired atmosphere. Use lanterns, string lights, and themed table settings to enhance the experience.
  7. Provide entertainment: Consider providing additional entertainment for your guests, such as traditional Japanese music, games, or activities. This will add to the festive atmosphere and keep everyone engaged.
  8. Create a comfortable environment: Ensure your guests are comfortable by providing seating options, shade or shelter if needed, and ample lighting for the evening.
  9. Enjoy the party: Once everything is set up, relax and enjoy the Hibachi party with your guests. Encourage interaction and conversation as the chef prepares the delicious dishes right before everyone’s eyes.
Hibachi Let's Go
Hibachi Let’s Go

Remember, safety should always be a priority when cooking outdoors. Make sure to have fire safety measures in place.

A Hibachi party in your backyard offers a unique and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Have fun and savor the delicious flavors of the grill!

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