A booking should have at least 9 participants or $500 per event

We can serve hundreds of participants at a time. However, if a booking has a large number of participants, we may have multiple chefs at your event.

We do not charge a deposit when booking an event.

Please notify us at least 3 days before your event if you would like to cancel the reservation.

A travel fee of $2 per mile will be charged over 25 miles from the chef’s location

The first 25 miles are free, and over 25 miles is $2/mile.

For example, if the distance between a customer and the chef is 30 miles, the customer will be billed (30-25) x $2=$10 travel fee.

Please set up tables, chairs, and utensils and prepare drinks like water for your guest. We will take care of the rest.

We have a vegetable mix served with salad. We also have vegetarian fried rice, and the chef’s yummy sauces

We do not have peanut and sesame in our hibachi meals

If you have any food allergies like dairy, seafood, shellfish, mushrooms, etc., or have a preference for ingredients like low sodium, or gluten-free, please let us know in advance. Our professional hibachi chefs can cook the meals according to your special requests.

Please send the list of your protein choices to us at least 4 days before your event. However, if you do not know your guests’ preferences until the last day then please send us the list as soon as you can.

Examples of how to make a list of protein choices

Example 1

If you have 35 guests and would like to order Steak and Chicken for your guests, you can write a list like below

35 Steak & Chicken

Example 2

If all of your guests pick different proteins, you can write a list like below

1 Chicken & Steak (well done)

1 Chicken & Salmon

1 Chicken & Shrimp

1 Lobster & Salmon

1 Salmon & Steak (Medium rare)

1 Steak (well done) & Shrimp

1 Filet Mignon & Lobster

1 Shrimp & Lobster

1 Double steak

Example 3

If you have 20 guests, and some of them would like to pick the same proteins, you can make a list like below

10 Chicken & steak & shrimp

5 Salmon & Shrimp

5 Shrimp & Lobster

You can change protein combinations according to your needs one day before your event. However, if you book 4-5 hours before your event starts, then you can change protein selections before the chef leaves for your locations.